Christina Tosi Could Be Opening Milk Bar Locations in Chicago and Miami

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Pastry Queen Christina Tosi has something up her sleeve...and no, it’s not bag of glittery sprinkles (although we’d be pretty excited about that, too). The 2018 PureWow 100 committee member announced in a recent New York Times profile that she plans to open Milk Bar locations in cities where there’s already a fan base, like Chicago and Miami. 

Founded in 2008, the dessert empire has 16 locations across New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C. and Toronto. Although they ship their baked goodies nationwide, there’s nothing quite like having an outpost in your 'hood so you can drop by for a scoop (or three) of cereal milk ice cream when a craving strikes.

In an email to Eater Chicago, she wrote: “Chicago is more likely in our future—a year, two, three out, but we love the city and would be honored to one day call it home—the Midwest is where it all began for me, after all.” 

Tosi grew up in central Ohio and takes inspiration from the grocery-store staples she was raised on, including cereal,  Doritos and ranch dressing. According to the New York Times, her holy grail would be to ultimately come full circle and sell her goodies in grocery stores.

Here’s to B'Day Truffles taking over the dessert aisle (and Christina becoming the next Ina).

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