Am I Annoying My Realtor? 6 Things That are Irritating Your Agent

The home buyer/realtor relationship can be a tricky one to navigate, which is why it’s only natural that you end up doing a few things that inadvertently irritate them cause them to deprioritize your offer and leaving you wondering 'am I annoying my realtor?' It’s OK—you’re learning here. That said, awareness is key, which is why we caught up with a variety of real estate agents to find out the most common pitfalls to avoid.

6 Bidding Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

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1. When You Ask to See Properties Without Being Pre-Approved

We get it: You’re just dabbling in the idea of owning a home. But, for realtors, time is potentially very big money, and they don’t get to cash in unless you invest. Their request: Do your homework to find out if you’re pre-approved for a mortgage, then reach out to start seeing listings. This way, you’re not wasting anyone’s time…including your own.

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2. …Or Worse, Look at Real Estate Outside Your Budget

Sure, there’s room for the occasional stretch, but if you’re only pre-approved for a $300,000 home, there’s really no sense in asking to see something that’s $530,000. Now, the exception is if a place is wildly overpriced, and you think it could be had for inside your budget. But if that’s the case, discuss with your realtor before demanding to see.

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3. When You Schedule a Home Tour Six Times Without Making an Offer

You have an iPhone! Don’t be afraid to use it to snap a zillion pics, take videos and jot down all those closet measurements. And if you want to bring a contractor by and your husband/kids/mother-in-law/feng shui guru to get a second opinion, try to coordinate schedules so everyone visits on the same day.

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4. When You Make a Lowball Offer That’s Insulting

Even though your realtor makes a commission, they’re on your team, which means they’ve done research to zero in on a fair asking price. Of course you can negotiate, but going way below the market value is the quickest way to botch a deal.

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5. When You Negotiate Items That You Signed Off On Pre-Inspection

Again, negotiations are expected. But if you saw that the bathroom floor needed re-tiling or the kitchen wall had been water-damaged, you’ve reduced your chances of wiggle room down the road. Here’s why: Inspections are designed to uncover problems not visible to the naked eye. (Termites, for example, or a roof drainage issue you didn’t foresee.) Asking for a price drop on something you already signed off on is a surefire way to make you—and your realtor—look bad.

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6. When You Work With More Than One Agent

Your odds of finding the home of your dreams increase with more than one realtor, right? Wrong—and it’s entirely unfair to the people involved. If you want to work with more than one person (say, a realtor per county), be honest about that tactic up front so no one feels slighted down the road.

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