The No. 1 Way Type-A People Sabotage Their Careers

"Power twins" Tricia and Antoinette Clarke know a thing or two about climbing the corporate ladder: One is a VP at CBS and the other is a co-founder of a marketing and advertising agency.  

In advance of their first book, Double Down: Bet on Yourself and Succeed on Your Own Terms, PureWow had the chance to to sit down with the pair to get their tips for how to succeed at work and move ahead in your career. 

And while their number one tip is useful for anyone, it's particularly important for us Type A characters, who tend to be more competitive and ambitious.

“The #1 toxic behavior at work is when you just follow your job description,” Tricia explains. “Sure, that will help you hold onto your gig, but it undercuts your growth and progress.”

Antoinette was quick to chime in with advice for type As, though it certainly is applicable across the spectrum. “It’s about being proactive versus reactive. You can’t get too comfortable. You also need to think like an entrepreneur where you’re constantly trailblazing growth areas within.”

In other words? Make an effort to push yourself to do more than is expected at work and see what happens. It just might pay off in the form of a promotion, pay bump or increased opportunity.

Good advice.

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