*This* Is the App Many Millennial Women Are Using to Get In on Investing

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When it comes to personal finance, and especially investing, it can feel like the people around you who know it well were just born knowing, right? And because of how cliquish the whole thing can feel, learning is often daunting—especially for women who may not know where to start (we get it, we’ve been there).

Here’s the thing, though: There are investment apps out there all about empowering people and showing them the ropes. Our app of choice? Robinhood. It’s used and recommended by many PureWow staffers because of how easy it is to navigate. And this year, the company is even providing more app-based education and going all in on National Financial Literacy Month.

What’s so cool about Robinhood?

You might not be totally surprised to hear this because of how male-oriented finance culture is, but research shows that women lag in investment confidence compared to men: 49 percent of men feel comfortable making investment decisions, versus 34 percent of women do. But what is surprising about that statistic is that studies also show that women investors outperform men in the long run. That’s why Robinhood stands out—it’s all about giving women the tools and resources they need to become savvy investors. In fact, by doing so, the brand nearly quadrupled the number of active women customers on their platform over the last twelve months. Suffice to say that when you join, you’ll be in good company.

What kind of tools do they offer?

We’re so glad you asked. As part of their commitment to help make investing more accessible to everyone, and in honor of National Financial Literacy Month, Robinhood has launched education-focused modules within the app called “Learn the Basics.” The modules are all part of the onboarding process for new customers and are there for you to use as you become more familiar with the platform. 

To sum it up, the modules are basically like an investing 101 course, touching on topics from why people invest and what the stock market means to how to define your investing goals—except, without all the confusing financial jargon. There are even interactive quizzes that help you better understand how to spend your money in the short term, medium term, and long term (kind of fun if that’s your learning style).

The bottom line:

The modules, combined with the Robinhood Learn free digital library—which features digestible information to help you make your own informed investment decisions—are part of what make Robinhood so popular. Not just among the PureWow office, but among women in general. Whether you’re looking to understand the basics of investing, or even cryptocurrency, whether you’re attempting to learn the different kinds of securities you can invest in, or, honestly, you just want to get started somewhere, check out Robinhood. You’ll love the ease and accessibility it gives to budding investors almost as much as you’ll enjoy the journey of investing itself.

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