The One Mistake You're Making with Your New Chip Credit Card

Protect your plastic

It’s official: You’ve transitioned over to a fancy schmancy--and ultra-secure--credit card with a chip. But sometimes, for old time’s sake (OK, laziness), you still use the swipe option. Don’t do it! Here’s why.

What happens when I swipe my chip credit card? As far as the cashier is concerned, your chip card still works the same as if you inserted it into the slot. The transaction goes through and they get paid.

But whoa, there’s a major catch: If for any reason, the store you’re shopping at gets hacked and you get hit with fraudulent charges on your account, the store is responsible for reimbursing you--not your bank.

OK, but I still get my money back, right? Only if the vendor is in a financial position to cover the cost of a security breach. Yikes.

Survey says? If the chip option is there, use it.

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