Guys, You Won’t Believe All the Things Living on Your Dollar Bills

Like the flu virus...and animal DNA

Oh, the things the dollar bill—or $5 or $10—in your wallet has seen. According to a recent report in Scientific American, there are more than a few gross substances that could be living on your cash. (Red alert: Since lower bills are circulated more frequently, it puts them at a higher risk for germs.) Here, 11 things to watch out for…and a reason to make a special trip to scrub your hands.

There’s An Actual Right Way to Wash Your Hands

1. E.Coli. You know, the kind that causes you to hit the bathroom multiple times.

2. Cocaine. From a banker’s nose to your hands.

3. Heroin. And you thought you were just buying a $1 pack of gum.

4. Yeast. Invisible fungus is the worst.

5. Mold. It happens easily if the money gets damp.

6. The flu virus. If it’s humid (or accompanied by mucus), it can survive for 17 days.

7. Bacteria that can cause pneumonia. Winter only. (That’s the good news.)

8. …and staph infections. Guys, this one is antibiotic-resistant. Fun.

9. …and food poisoning. Yep.

10. DNA from various animals. The white rhino included, according to the report.

11. Fecal matter. We repeat, a thousand times over, wash your hands.

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