These Are the 19 Top-Paying Jobs of 2018 You Can Do from Home

Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if you could wear your fluffy bathrobe all day and still pull down the big bucks? Welp, good news: You totally can. FlexJobs, a job search site that specializes in remote jobs, recently analyzed Glassdoor’s list of the highest paying jobs in America in 2018 to bring you the 19 positions that can be done without pants.

The 6 Best Jobs for Working from Home

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1. Physician: $195,000
Doctors can trade in the office for telemedicine, because patient consultation > patients sneezing all day.

2. Pharmacist: $127,000 Calling all licensed pharmacists: It’s totally possible to review prescriptions, ensure authorizations, handle phone calls and process requests from the comfort of your own bed.

3. Enterprise Architect: $116,000
Developing business processes? Lots of remote work options in this field.

4. Corporate Counsel: $115,000
Buh-bye, suits.

5. Software Development Manager: $109,000
Surprise, all you need is a laptop to implement code.

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6. Software Engineering Manager: $107,000
This is one of the most popular categories for remote work.

7. Nurse Practitioner: $107,000
If you’re licensed, you can remotely triage and provide medical care, diagnose and treat patients and assist with care coordination.

8. Software Architect: $105,000
Again with the tech jobs.

9. Engineering Manager: $105,000
For those who speak engineering, you can architect and write scalable full-stack code and perform code reviews remotely, not to mention encourage proper architecture, planning and implementation process. Wowee.

10. Solutions Architect: $102,000
Client needs can be hashed out with your cat on your lap.

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11. Financial Planning and Analysis Manager: $102,000
Overseeing the likes of annual budgeting and forecasting requires a third cup of your specially brewed coffee.

12. Data Architect: $101,000
A degree in computer science typically isn’t required to design, create and implement a company’s data structure. Cha-ching.

13. Strategy Manager: $101,000
You help companies grow and set goals by creating brilliant plans. You, too, can work from home.

14. Systems Architect: $100,000
Aka our tech savior!

15. Consulting Manager: $97,000
Your life doesn’t have to feel like a reenactment of Up in the Air. Stop traveling. Spend more time with your family.

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16. Attorney: $96,000
Yoga breaks between drafting, negotiation and providing legal representation sound quite nice.

17. Cloud Engineer: $96,000
Cloud computing from the comfort of your cloud—well, your down comforter.

18. Tax Manager: $96,000
Remote jobs in this field entail filing compliance and financial reports, overseeing auditing processes and consulting with external tax advisors.

19. Data Scientist: $96,000
Collecting data and solving business problems with data-related techniques? Practically designed to be done remotely.

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