Polish Up Your Skills (for Free!) with These 19 LinkedIn Learning Courses

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In a culture that (unfortunately) equates success to that hamster-in-a-wheel mentality, it’s safe to say that, objectively, no one is thriving these days. We all need a little help. The first step is acknowledging that (hey, it’s OK to not be OK). The second step? Taking action to improve it.

LinkedIn Learning wants to help, not only by offering advice on how to become a better remote employee, but also by tapping into job search resources and showing you how to practice better self-care. Below, five concerns you may have and the free LinkedIn Learning courses that can help.

I’m Struggling With Time-management

Still haven’t found your work-from-home groove? You’re not alone. Since January 2020 “remote working” searches on LinkedIn Learning have tripled as both employees and managers look for advice on how to navigate the challenges. The following two courses talk through hacks for creating a more productive environment and offer tips on how to optimize your schedule to prevent burnout (it’s a real thing, folks).

I Need Advice On How To Manage From A Distance

The number of leaders (professionals director-level and above) taking a course on LinkedIn Learning has increased 41 percent faster month-over-month than all other seniority levels. In short: We all could use a refresher. Your responsibilities as a manager may not be the same as others, so LinkedIn offers a wide-range of tools, whether you need tangible advice on leading virtual meetings or managing the operations of a small business.

In case you’re too embarrassed to tell your colleagues that you still don’t know how to set-up the Teams call, LinkedIn Learning has you covered. Here’s a tutorial on just about every virtual tool you may need at this time.

I’m Recovering From A Layoff. What’s Next?

With companies across nearly all industries experiencing layoffs and furloughs, this is a critical area of importance. So LinkedIn Learning has created an entire hub for it—11 hours of expert-curated content across 13 free courses. From creating a strategy to improving your interview skills, it’s all here. 

You and us both. Over the past month, three times as many people watched mindfulness and stress management courses on LinkedIn Learning than the previous month. In order to shift our brains out of “fight-or-flight” mode, turn to these six courses on meditation, mindfulness and reversing the ever-present feeling of being overwhelmed.

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