16 Charities PureWow Editors Are Supporting This Year

charities our editors are donating to
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The giving spirit lives in our hearts year-round, but it tends to swell come the holiday season. But how do you choose where to give? There are many different approaches to take (you can give locally, give personally or give strategically, by finding an org that provides the most bang for your buck), and ultimately it’s a very personal decision. Still, a little inspiration never hurt nobody. We can help on that front, with 16 worthy causes our editors are supporting this year.

1. Room to Grow

“I first found Room to Grow—an organization that supports babies born into low-income circumstances for the first three years of their life—when I was in my 20s and used to volunteer in their Boston offices. Now, I’m a mom myself and am blown away by the support they provide to both baby and parents during such a critical stage of development, which I know from experience is the most overwhelming time.” — Rachel Bowie, Senior Director of Special Projects & Royals

2. For the Gworls

“This is one of my favorite organizations to support. It’s a Black, trans-led organization that curates events and parties to raise money for housing assistance, gender-affirming surgeries, travel assistance and small monetary denominations for things like co-pays for the Black trans community. As a queer person with privilege, it’s important for me to use my voice to help and uplift one of the most vulnerable populations in the LGBTQ+ community—especially considering the increasing amount of violence and brutality that Black trans women face.” — Delia Curtis, Editorial Assistant

3. Planned Parenthood & The National Network of Abortion Funds

“In a year when reproductive rights have been terrifyingly compromised, it feels more important than ever to protect and provide abortion access. I’ve been lucky to start my family when I chose to—and by donating to Planned Parenthood and the National Network of Abortion Funds, I hope I can (in a small way) help other women do the same.” — Jillian Quint, Editor-in-Chief

4. The Loveland Foundation

“I’ve spent this year really focusing on my mental health, which is all new for me. I found that talking about mental health in Black and Brown communities is still tough and stigmatized. Many don’t know about the resources out there and my discovery of the Loveland Foundation and their goal to break the stigma has been amazing. I want to continue to learn and highlight orgs that are pushing forth more resources and programs for BIPOC individuals.” — Chelsea Candelario, Associate Editor

5. St. Jude's Children’s Research Hospital

“There are so many phenomenal causes to give to, but St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital is one that is close to my heart, especially since becoming a mom. The organization helps support cutting edge research for the fight against pediatric cancer. I’m also in awe of their recent initiative with the World Health Organization to deliver high-quality chemotherapy medications to children all over the world, free of charge. Even better, this year, a donation of $60 comes with this designer T-shirt—a collab with Tiffany & Co. creative director Ruba Abu-Nimah—which makes for the perfect gift for friends and family, too.” — Angela Pares, VP, Branded Content

6. National Multiple Sclerosis Society

“MS is a neurodegenerative disease that has devasting effects on those diagnosed with it. There’s currently no cure and it affects someone close to me. By donations to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, my contribution will go toward funding research, advocating for policy change and providing resources for people with MS and their families.” — Katherine Gillen, Senior Food Editor

7. The Okra Project

“This holiday season, I’m supporting the Okra Project. It’s a mutual aid collective that provides support to Black trans, non-binary and gender-nonconforming people in the form of housing, wellness services, safety, education and employment. As a white lesbian, I owe a great debt to the Black trans community, which has carried the queer rights movement on its back. Especially amid crises like the Club Q shooting in Colorado and continued attacks on trans rights, supporting an LGBTQIA+ charity feels like a no-brainer.” — Sarah Stiefvater, Senior Editor

8. Our Lady of Sorrows of Jerusalem Home for the Elderly

This home, located in East Jerusalem, opens their doors to elderly people—regardless of religious background—in need during the last years of their lives. My parents are involved as members through the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, a modern-day Knights and Dames order underneath the Vatican that supports the Holy Land. Naturally wanting to support them and my faith, I’ve gravitated toward this cause as it makes me think of my late, beloved grandparents. Knowing their last few years were surrounded by supportive and loving family, I wish nothing but the same for all and hope my donation—however small—can make a difference.” — Stephanie Meraz, Assistant Editor


“It’s been a tough year for parents, but even on my darkest days, I can still count my blessings that my kids are healthy, safe and being cared for at school and at home. Millions of children around the world are not so lucky. I am donating to UNICEF this holiday season (and beyond!), an organization that does incredible work saving children’s lives and fighting for their right to thrive.” — Alexia Dellner, Executive Editor

10. Salvation Army Angel Tree

“Every holiday season, I like to find a Salvation Army Angel Tree and adopt a few kids. It’s so much fun to see their wish lists and get to fulfill some of their dreams. This year, we chose three kids to support, and I learned a valuable tip from a volunteer: Many kids ask for scooters, and it’s great to include a helmet if you end up gifting that, since many kids don’t have one.” — Candace Davison, Executive Editor

11. The Anti-Cruelty Society

“It’s the largest open-admission animal welfare organization in Chicago providing animal care, adoption and education services to all our furry friends. They’re backed by a community of people that dedicate their time to the cause, providing animals with the peace, comfort and happiness they deserve. I ran the Chicago Marathon in this org’s honor and was able to visit before the race and it’s such an amazing, well-run place. I’m a huge advocate for animal welfare and the work they do literally brings me to tears.” –– Catrina Yohay, Managing Editor

12. Dressember

“Every year, one of my best friends fundraises on behalf of this cause and I always give. Dressember uses fashion and creativity to help raise money and awareness to end human trafficking and help survivors. Those involved wear a dress every day in December as a way to bolster visibility as they advocate for victims and survivors. It’s a great program!” — Olivia Dubyak, Commerce Editor

13. The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

“This year—and for a few years past—I am donating to this organization in loving memory of my grandmother, Mary Elaine, who passed away from the disease 11 years ago. Being together with my family during the holidays makes me think of her often. More than six million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s. Donating to a cause that supports research to help eradicate such a heartbreaking disease feels like something I can do that’s small yet actionable.” — Roberta Fiorito, Senior Editor, Branded Content

14. The Native American Rights Fund & Native American Heritage Association

“A few years before the pandemic, my cousin was doing a ton of research into our family history and found we had ties to Native American communities. I’ve since tried to become better educated in the best ways to help and respect those tribes and individuals and learned about NARF and NAHA from a few Indigenous Instagrm accounts I now follow. NARF provides legal assistance to Native American tribes and individuals to help protect Native rights and resources and NAHA distributes food and other essentials to reservations in South Dakota and Wyoming.” — Abby Hepworth, Fashion Editor

15. Shatterproof

“This year, I lost two of my cousins under the age of 30 to the disease of addiction. Unfortunately, there is an extremely negative stigma attached to addiction and effective treatment is hard to access and rarely covered by insurance. Shatterproof is a non-profit committed to transforming treatment, educating communities, advocating for change and ending the stigma as this disease is deadlier than ever before.” — Rachel Gulmi, Operations Director, Branded Content

16. Do For One

“One of my goals since moving to NYC in August was to volunteer and be more involved in my local community. Do For One is a relationship-building program that brings isolated people into greater community life. They selectively match one person with developmental disabilities (a partner) with another person who enjoys a more socially included life (an advocate). As someone who has moved often, I am not a stranger to the feeling of loneliness. I have applied to be an ‘advocate’ and hope to have a ‘partner’ match by next year.” — Marissa Wu, Associate Editor

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