Need a Back-to-School Budget? Set Your Student Up for Financial Success with Chase

From play groups and school clubs to tutors and practices, you’ve done just about everything to support your children developmentally, socially and academically. This year, it’s time to add “financially” to the roster with back-to-school budgeting tools at Chase.

It’s never too early to start teaching the fundamentals of finance—in fact, kids start grasping basic money concepts as young as three years old and are forming and setting money habits by age seven1, so starting conversations early and often will help your family create foundational healthy financial patterns.

As your family’s goals and banking needs evolve, Chase offers solutions that evolve with you. From getting your kid’s financial journey started with Chase First Banking℠ to transitioning into high school and starting college, Chase has age-appropriate tools to support every life stage.

Check them out below to find the best fit for your student.

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Chase First Banking (Ages 6-17)

Instead of stashing their birthday money into a piggy bank, use those moments as an opportunity to instill healthy financial habits. In the U.S., more than half of parents are already talking to their children about finances, including saving, spending and using a bank.2 Put words into action with Chase First Banking, a debit card for kids that allows them to learn the fundamentals of money management while maintaining full control over how much and where they spend. With a $0 monthly service fee, parental-set limits and account alerts, you’ll be able to help your child build good money habits through hands-on learning.

Chase High School Checking℠ (Ages 13-17)

Just as it’s never too early, it’s also never too late. A Chase High School Checking account will help your teen understand money basics with no monthly service fee with qualifying activities. Their account will be linked with yours, and you’ll both benefit from security features including 24/7 fraud monitoring, Zero Liability Protection and account alerts, in addition to benefits like direct deposit and sending and requesting money with Zelle. Take advantage of Chase’s tips and tools for teaching good money habits too.

Chase College Checking℠ (Students, Ages 18-24)

Set your college student up for success with a Chase College Checking account, which comes with no monthly service fee for up to five years while in college, or other qualifying activities. They’ll be able to manage their money, see their accounts, pay bills and request or transfer money using the Chase Mobile app. They can also set up account alerts so they will be notified of things like low balances or suspicious account activity.

To learn more about Chase First Banking, Chase High School Checking and Chase College Checking, visit

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22019 - Student Monitor, LLC

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