PureWow’s Editor-in-Chief on the Top Trends of 2024…And How They Affect Your Wallet

We Caught Up with Jean Chatzky to Discuss

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Jillian Quint

What’s in for 2024? And what’s more out than a cronut in dad sneakers? And perhaps most importantly, how do you safeguard your finances so you’re not investing in the next flash-in-the-pan?

Last week, PureWow’s Editor-in-Chief, Jillian Quint, sat down with bestselling author and personal finance expert Jean Chatzky on her podcast Her Money to talk New Year’s trends—from the eye-roll-inducing (Gingerbread Girl) to the downright empowering (hell yeah, menopause positivity), along with the ways you can make them work with your budget.

Listen to the episode to catch all the trends, and be sure to sign up for the free Her Money newsletter to get more money-saving news and time-tested advice.

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