We Polled 10 Real Guys to Find Out What They *Actually* Want for the Holidays

Anyone else find holiday shopping for dudes impossibly dull? Since you’re tired of buying him flannel PJ pants and he’s really tired of getting of them, we decided to poll some male confidants for the one gift they’d truly, madly, deeply appreciate this season.


man camel coat

A Dress Coat

“I've been in the market for a camel coat for months now, but I can't bring myself to pull the trigger. I kinda wish someone would just pick one for me.”
- Michael, 28

spa like setting


“It might sound odd, but I'd kill for a spa day (with a deep tissue massage included). My biggest holiday wish is for the chance to *relax* a bit!"
- Phil M., 35

whisky in glass

Nice Booze

“You can't go wrong with a bottle of scotch. Macallan 12 and Oban 14 are both good choices under $100. Macallan 18 and Johnnie Walker Blue are a little pricier but also good options. “
- Andrew C., 29

Oban 14-year-old whisky ($53)

turntable in motion

A New Turntable

"I've been circling an old-school record player for a while but need something that also seamlessly hooks up to my new-school Sonos speakers. I love this player from U-turn. It is handmade in the US in a really simple form with some great features. It is also not ridiculously expensive, which it makes easier to slip on the Christmas list."
- Ant, 46 

Bless This Stuff turntable ($309)

money in jar

Debt Help

“Honestly? I just want someone to pay all my EZ pass tolls that I don’t want to deal with emotionally. Oh, and another pair of Wilcox work boots because mine are all worn out.”
- Malcolm, 24

Wilcox boots ($150)

man in hoodie

A Classic Hoodie

"Every guy needs a good sweatshirt that will last and Reigning Champ makes some of the best."  
- Phil V., 35

Reigning Champ hoodie ($155)

train ride upstate

A Weekend Getaway

“I always prefer experiences over things. This year I’m hoping my girlfriend will surprise me with a trip upstate for the weekend. I’m thinking an Airbnb in Kingston or Hudson, New York.”
- Nico, 25

wrist watch srap

A New Watch Band

“I have a very nice, vintage watch, but the band is in bad shape, and I can never justify buying a new one—and I'm not sure what kind to even get! It could also use a professional cleaning to keep the gears working properly.”
- Dan, 41

vinyl record collection

Vintage Records

"I'm trying to reconstruct a collection of all my favorites from my formative years: Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison. Vinyl, baby!"  
- Andrew H., 58  

man relaxing with wine

A Break

“You want to get your husband/boyfriend/dad something for the holiday? Give him a 24-hour pass where he doesn't have to fix anything, pick anything up, watch the kids, take out the trash, answer a call/text, or worry about anything. Just let him watch the game, go out with some friends or (insert thing he never gets to do without disruption here) without interruption (which is nearly impossible in a house full of little kids).”
- Kal, 36

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