6 Thoughtful Ways to Make Your House Feel Like Home—Inside and Out

They say home is where the heart is. Which means, to us, that it’s not only the place where you connect with your loved ones, but the place that should help you connect to yourself. Basically, it’s all about that certain, indescribable feeling that makes your house feel like a home. If you don’t feel quite there yet—or you’re just looking for a few new ideas—consider the following thoughtful touches that’ll help add extra flair to your four walls, inside and out.

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1. Install Customizable Lighting

Think: That fuzzy, magical feeling you get when the Christmas lights go up…all year round. It’s possible with Trimlight; permanent, programmable and weather-proof lights that can be installed along your roofline, patio, gazebo, pergola, deck—wherever you want an extra dose of sparkle. They use a color-matching channel that blends into your roofline, keeping the lights and wires hidden during the day. They also use proprietary LED technology that lasts 20-30 years and is backed up with a lifetime product warranty. You can control Trimlight with an app, Alexa and Google, put lights on a timer function, create your own patterns for every holiday and special occasion and hook it up to music. Just contact a dealer near you to get a quote. The possibilities are, truly, endless.

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2. Display Meaningful Artwork

Whether it’s a favorite quote, photograph of someone who inspires you or an original piece you picked up at the art fair, surround yourself with art that’s meaningful to you. Every time you catch a glimpse, you’ll be reminded of a story, get a feeling or experience a little jolt of creativity. Not to mention it’ll help your space feel more pulled together. How’s that for thoughtful home décor?

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3. Add Window Boxes

Window boxes are easy to install (you often don't even have to use a drill) and they won't damage your house's façade. Plant them full of whimsical wildflowers native to your region. They’re not only pretty, they’re also vital for wildlife like pollinators and songbirds and their roots improve our soil health and water quality. You’re increasing your curb appeal and helping support the ecosystem at the same time.

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4. Set Up A Cozy Nook

Transform a little space or tucked-away corner into your very own personal retreat. Gather all your cushions, pillows, blankets or decorative throws, add some soft lighting and gather your preferred relaxation gear. We’re talking a stack of good books within reach, your crocheting basket or some noise-canceling headphones for podcasts or meditation. Your cozy nook will look inviting in your home and encourage you to take some much-needed time to unwind.

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5. Gather Around A Firepit

These days, people want to enjoy every square inch of their homes as often as possible—outdoor spaces included. If you live in a colder climate in particular, a firepit can be very alluring. (Though, even in warmer ones, s’mores have a universal appeal.) You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. In fact, if you’re up for a little DIY, you can even build one yourself. This feature will enhance your home’s ROI and create a gathering space all your friends and family will love.

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6. Scent Your Space

Trust us: Adding an essential oil diffuser or scented candles to your home will make you feel like the main character in a Nancy Myers movie. Scents help you unwind, sooth stress and boost your mood. Try lavender next to your bed for restful sleep and lemongrass or sweet orange in your kitchen. Then get ready to field compliments about how good your house smells from everyone from the delivery man to your hard-to-please mother-in-law.

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