These Virtual Flower-Arranging Classes Send You Everything You Need to Make Your Own Bouquets

virtual flower arrangement class

Remember that last flower-arranging class you took? It was at the gorgeous botanical gardens and you sipped mimosas as you and your friends gossiped and placed peonies ever so? Yeah, those were the days. But do you also remember how your final product went kaput in the trunk of your car as you drove over that speed bump?

Well, now you can recreate that bliss from the safety of your home, no finicky transportation necessary. The flower delivery empire,, and arrangement experts at Alice's Table have teamed up to bring virtual floral workshops to anyone with a screen. The best part? If you sign up, a floral arranging kit—which includes an abundance of farm-fresh flowers and a vase—are delivered right to your door before the class.

The virtual workshops are 45 minutes to an hour and go for $65 a class—check out the schedule out here (looks like they're selling out fast). Per the site, you'll "Receive farm-fresh flowers and join our Founder, Alice, for an exclusive virtual summer masterclass!" You can also a gift a virtual masterclass for the same price.

So get a few friends to join in, pour yourself a glass of wine and it'll be just like the old days—or at least a few months ago.


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