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Genius Product Alert: Urban Outfitters Just Unveiled a Wine Holder for Your Shower
wavebreakmedia/Getty Images

It's a regular Friday night in (because self-care). You breeze through your front door, turn on the shower and pour yourself a tall glass of red. But, gah, where the heck do you put that glass in the bathroom? If it spills, shatter-city. Also, reminder: You're trying to relax, not awkwardly reach in and out of the tub as you sip your wine.

Enter the Sipski, a specially designed shower wineglass holder created by the vino-loving geniuses over at Urban Outfitters. 

It works just like you'd imagine it would: Made with waterproof silicone, it sticks seamlessly to the tile on the wall of your shower or bath so you can confidently know that your glass is safe and secure in between sips. It's also available in two different hues (seafoam and marble). Très chic.

The price? A cool $15. 

A small price to pay to live life like a rom-com, no?

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