9 Essential Steps for the Coziest Bed Ever

Social calendar be damned: When it's cold outside and we're dog-tired, nothing holds a candle to crawling into the little slice of heaven that is our bed. So for the love of all things comfy-cozy, we've committed to creating our snuggliest, dreamiest bed situation ever. Here, ten genius tips to make your own. 

Really Though, What's the Difference Between a Bedspread and a Coverlet?

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Grade Over Thread Count
PSA: Your softest, silkiest sheets are not just a matter of thread count. They're a matter of cotton quality. Look for 100 percent pure organic or Egyptian cotton for your absolute coziest linens.  

Tuck It All In 
Wanna know what's not cozy? Chilly bare feet sticking off the end of the bed. To make your bedding a cocoon of warmth, tuck the top sheet and your base blanket in on both sides of the bed as well as at the foot. Watch our video to see how the pros do it. 

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Get Down 
To achieve the ultimate comfy bed look and feel, a fluffy down comforter is an absolute must. It's like wrapping yourself in marshmallow fluff. P.S. What's a comforter without its cover? Watch our video for the easiest way to stuff a duvet.

Leave Something Imperfect 
There's a fine line between a perfect bed and one that looks, well, sterile. After all, you want your bed to say "Hop in!" not "Don't touch." The easiest way to avoid the latter? Leave one detail slightly mussed or rumpled. An artfully tossed throw, for example, just begs to be curled up in. 

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Buy Your Bed a Knit
Speaking of throws, what could possibly be cozier than a bed-sized sweater? Put one of the luxurious, massive wool knits currently breaking Pinterest on your wish list.

Layer Up
You know the spiel about cool weather outfit layering. Same rules apply here (layers add visual and physical warmth). Our favorite blanket-layering combo is a top sheet followed by a light blanket, a big ole' comforter and throw to finish.

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Load Up on Pillows
The more pillows the merrier, people. For a look that's lush while still refined, try layering back to front. First, place two pillows in pillowcases, followed by two euro shams and finally two front-facing pillows. Accent with a lumbar or bolster pillow for extra flourish.

Top Off Your Mattress
Mattress covers didn't sound particularly exciting until we discovered that they come in thick, fluffy goose down and even über-cuddly shearling...and then experienced the total bliss that came with adding them to our bed. 

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Give Your Bed a Scent 
Maybe it's a beloved detergent; maybe it's a favorite candle on your bedside table. Whatever your olfactory preference may be, having a signature scent associated with your bed is the ultimate comfort. (Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, after all.)


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