Time to Get Creative: Just Added Tons of New Products for These Trending Projects

Calling all crafters, DIY-ers and aspiring artists! We know for some, the search for hobbies peaked during the pandemic. (Be honest: Who’s still superrrr into their sourdough starters?) But a lot of us haven’t lost the desire to create, discover and find joy in making something all our own, which is why we love to see our FYP filled with handmade goods. And getting started doesn’t have to be a huge hurdle:’s expanded product assortment now offers more options than ever for scratching that creative itch. So instead of breaking the budget on crafting components from niche, high-priced stores, you can find hundreds of thousands of products online (with the ability to earn up to 6 percent in rewards) at Michaels—a one-stop shop for the at-home artist. Here are four crafting projects that are everywhere right now, and the products to get started yourself.

michaels jewelry

1. Jewelry

The most priceless piece of jewelry in our books? One that’s handmade with love, which is why you’ve likely noticed more of your favorite social media follows sporting bright beaded baubles, one-of-a-kind rings, crafty charms and eclectic earrings. “Nostalgic ‘kidult’ jewelry is having a moment,” says Mandi Clark, Michaels Trend & Design Expert. “Gen Z especially gravitates toward Y2K icons like smiley faces and butterflies. Also, mixing luxe beads like freshwater pearls with youthful neon charms, or crystals and glass beads paired with flower motifs are some of today’s trendiest jewelry makes.” If you’re feeling inspired, here are a few products to get you started. (Can you even with this glass snake pendant?)

michaels candles

2. Candle Making

While we’ve been sporting handmade bracelets for years, the candle making boom feels more recent. “DIY candle making has grown in popularity as we all look for ways to save on the little luxuries we rely on for self-care,” says Clark. “We see people purchasing their favorite fragrance oils and creating custom blends, upcycling containers, and even adding natural materials like herbs and florals.” Whether you want to create a signature scent or special shape, has all the supplies you need.

michaels soap

3. Soapmaking

Speaking of self-care, TikTok creators have tapped into the popularity surge of homemade soapmaking for signature scents, molds and designs. “From luxury soaps in geode shapes, to kitschy food-inspired soaps, to whipped soaps piped to perfection, we expect this trend is here to stay,” Clark told us. Giving these as a gift works great too, since the ability to customize doesn’t stop at the suds: “We also see soap makers dabbling in paper crafting to create custom packaging for their bespoke bars.”

leather crafting

4. Leatherwork

Really looking to expand your creative horizons? Clark tells us leatherwork had a bit of a renaissance during the beginning of the pandemic and is still going strong. “With materials, kits and tutorials more accessible than ever before, we’re seeing makers and DIYers embrace leatherwork through traditional techniques like weaving and stitching that are beginner friendly,” Clark says. “These techniques show up in crafts like personalized leather coasters, woven leather baskets, and bookmarks that make for great gifts.”


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