How to Shop for Back-to-School on a College Budget

Between late-night pizza deliveries, gas money and a busy social calendar, there’s not much extra cash lying around when you’re in college. That’s why we have an easy hack when it comes to shopping for back-to-school: grabbing all the necessities—and then some—at your local Kroger or online at Not only does the grocery chain have incredible deals on snacks and school supplies, they also have apartment and dorm essentials (helloooo, pastel pink standing-to-sitting workstation desk) and even on-trend fall clothing—often for way less than other big-box stores. Think of it as your one-stop-shop for all back-to-school college essentials, and think of this as your first quiz...that you just aced.

Shop our favorite back-to-college essentials below.

school supplies kroger

1. Marble Composition Book

2. Medium Point Pens

3. Pastel Ombre Backpack

4. Printer Paper

5. Mechanical Pencils

dorm kroger

1. Everyday Living Storage Bin

2. Iced Coffee Maker

3. Smoothie Blender & Bottles

4. Laundry Hamper

5. Sitting/standing Reversible Workstation Desk

6. Speaker End Table

snacks krgoer

1. Pizza Snack Rolls

2. Plant-based Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

3. Cashew Cherry Pack Bars

4. Acai Seltzer Water

5. Grab 'n Go Chip Variety Pack


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