5 Things to Do Before Holiday Guests Arrive (That Take Only 15 Minutes or Less)

Why is it that every time we’re having company, even when we know weeks—months!— in advance, the hours and minutes before they arrive are more chaotic than the birth of our first child? This year, our goal is to be the happy-go-lucky hostess by getting things ready in advance—and then letting go of everything else. Here, five quick and easy ways to prep you and your home for holiday guests.

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1. Get Yourself Ready First

Why is it that we always wait ‘til the doorbell rings to hastily swipe on mascara? This year, we’re determined to get our self-care done first, so we can be worry-free while hosting. One easy thing to cross off the list? Making a wax reservation at European Wax Center so you can reveal your most beautiful skin in a flash. Plus, your first wax is always free. Happy Wax-giving to us.

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2. Run A Cleaning Cycle Of The Coffee Maker

Whether it’s for a post-dinner cuppa or for the overnighters, having a clean machine is always recommended so it’s fresh and ready for lots of use. And while you’re at it, place the coffee grounds, a few filters, some cups, spoons, cream and sugar nearby for easy accessibility should you have some early-risers on your hands.

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3. Lay Out Fresh Linens

Swap the dish and hand towels for clean ones, and lay out a stack of bath towels at the end of the guest bed if they’re staying overnight. Give those bath mats a quick once-over with the vacuum (or shake ‘em outside) and make sure the sheets in the guest room are clean.

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4. Clean Out The Fridge

No one wants to see last week’s soggy takeout, and you’ll need to make room for the holiday feast leftovers you’re bound to have. If you’ve got them, pop a few extra water bottles and seltzers from your pantry into the fridge for guests to enjoy at their leisure.

christmas candles
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5. Strike A Mood

This one’s all about (*gestures dramatically*) ambience. Light a candle (you don’t want their first impression to be the scent of last night’s spaghetti and meatballs), dim the lights, fluff the pillows, and switch out reruns of The Office in favor of some relaxing music.


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