The New Swiffer PowerMop Has TikTokers Convinced to Kick the Mop and Bucket

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TikTok/McKenzie Cordell for PureWow

There’s just something about watching other people clean that we find so darn satisfying. And considering #CleanTok has billions of views and counting, it’s clear we’re not the only ones. It’s also why we’re pumped about the newest product TikTokers have been using to get their floors squeaky clean, super-fast.

Say hello to the Swiffer PowerMop, an all-in-one wet cleaning system that deep-cleans your floors in half the time it would take you using a regular mop and bucket (includes cleaning and drying time). We already knew we loved Swiffer, but this is next level. And after seeing the PowerMop in action courtesy of these TikTok creators—aka busy moms and cleaning pros alike—we think you’ll agree. 

Let’s get down to the not-so dirty details: The Swiffer PowerMop has a 3D mop pad with 300-plus powerful scrubbing strips for reaching deep into grooves and grout, as well as strips made up of six layers with two sides that provide five times the cleaning power vs. the Swiffer WetJet pad. A 30 percent larger mop head with a 360 swivel, locking head and overall lightweight design also make it even easier to use than a heavy, grimy mop and bucket. Plus, the upgraded Fresh and Lavender-scented cleaning solutions deliver a great clean and give you a longer-lasting fresh scent.

The Swiffer PowerMop Multi-Surface Starter Kit ($30) (for use on all finished floors) and the Wood Mop Starter Kit ($35) come with everything you need: the PowerMop, two mopping pads, a 25 oz bottle of solution and two AA batteries. Solution and pad refills are also available. Pick it all up wherever you buy cleaning supplies.

Ready to join the PowerMop party? Shop below and kick the mop and bucket once and for all.

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