Ready to Break Up with the Mop & Bucket? Behold the Versatile New Swiffer PowerMop

You know that feeling of satisfaction you get when the floors in your home are clean…like, the kind of *sparkling* clean you see in commercials? Well, if you listen to your parents the only way to achieve that kind of clean is with the ol’ mop and bucket. But in this case, our parents are wrong. (Just this once, mom and dad!) That’s because one of our favorite brands recently introduced their biggest release in 20 years: the all-in-one wet cleaning system Swiffer PowerMop

This floor-cleaning prodigy gets you the same deep-clean as a mop and bucket in half the time,* so it cleans your home faster than ever. Plus, it gives you greater flexibility, freshness for hours and there’s no bucket, heavy lifting or dirty mop head required. The Swiffer PowerMop is like a modern reboot of your favorite movie, but actually good. Here’s everything you need to know.

How It Works:

What makes the Swiffer PowerMop so much better? Well, it has a 3D mop pad with 300-plus powerful scrubbing strips for reaching deep into grooves and grout, so it’s a pro at removing sticky spills and daily dirt and grime. In fact, the strips—made up of six layers with two sides—provide five times the cleaning power vs. the Swiffer WetJet pad. It also has a 30 percent larger mop head with 360 swivel, a locking head (perfect for baseboards) and a sleeker, more lightweight design for maneuvering into tight spaces. So yes, you can finally clean that weird space next to the fridge.

Choose from the PowerMop Multi-Surface—safe on all finished floors—and the PowerMop Wood, with gentle-glide strips to help protect finished wood. Both leave your floors virtually streak and residue-free. Just attach the mopping pad to the head, insert the solution and push down to click, and then spray and mop to your heart’s content. The pièce de résistance? This baby can save you up to 70 gallons of water a year on your regular floor-cleaning routine vs. a mop and bucket. So it’s good for your home, your packed schedule and the planet.

How It Smells:

The Swiffer PowerMop’s upgraded Fresh and Lavender-scented cleaning solutions break down sticky messes with ease and give you a longer-lasting fresh scent, so you can bask in your amazing-smelling room for hours. And the special PowerMop Wood cleaning solution is a citrus-scented QuickDry Formula™ that dries up to two times faster than the leading all-purpose cleaner, so there’s no rinsing or waiting necessary.

How to Buy It:

Kick the bucket once and for all with the Swiffer PowerMop Multi-Surface Starter Kit or WoodMop Starter Kit, which come with everything you need to click and clean: the PowerMop itself, two mopping pads, a 25 oz bottle of solution and two AA batteries. You can buy refills for both the solution and pads whenever you need. Stocking up is as simple as heading to wherever you buy cleaning supplies. Check out the whole Swiffer PowerMop lineup below and mop smarter, not harder.

*includes cleaning and drying time.

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