This Shower Curtain Liner Has Lasted Me a Year Without Mold (& Is Pretty Enough to Put On Display)

quiet town shower curtain
Michael Fine for Quiet Town

About a year ago, a friend mentioned that plastic shower curtain liners are really harmful to our health. The comment lingered with me, but it didn’t become something I worried about until I noticed my clear liner was growing a gross colony of mold. So I started doing research to see how much truth her passing statement held.

It turns out that I had much more than a mold problem to worry about. You know that new shower curtain smell? Well, that’s actually the scent of chemicals being released into the air from PVC, a material used in most curtain liners. According to a study by The Center or Health, Environment & Justice in 2008, “PVC shower curtains can release toxic chemicals into the air that may lead to adverse health effects including respiratory irritation, central nervous system, liver and kidney damage, nausea, headaches and loss of coordination.” And that’s just the effects in a dry room; imagine how much those could be amplified in a damp, humid environment.

Yeah, so I decided it was time to make a switch to a healthier shower option. But I had a few other specific requirements: I wanted a colorful shower curtain that could stand on its own—no double layering with a cute cotton style here—and it had to work with my all-grey bathroom.

quiet town shower curtain pink
Michael Fine for Quiet Town

I first stumbled upon Quiet Town on Instagram (because, of course) and was drawn to the brand’s picture-perfect aesthetic. The account showed a stream of pics snapped in sun-washed bathrooms, overflowing with plants and a bright pop of color drawing the eye to the made-in-Brooklyn liners hanging above a clawfoot tub. So, I clicked through to Quiet Town’s site to read more about its curtains and was pleasantly surprised to find that the company takes this clean-showering business seriously.

They use an EVA-vinyl curtain that’s non-chlorinated. It’s a plastic alternative that’s much less toxic than PVC and also very mold- and mildew-resistant—a major plus for any bathroom. Quiet Town also notes that its EVA is heavyweight, so it “will feel incredibly different from any other liners you’ve used.” Color me intrigued. On top of that, each of its shower must-haves are hand-stitched and feature chic brass grommets. Once I read that Quiet Town suggests letting these colorful liners stand on their own, I was ready to purchase—even though $35 felt steep for such a simple item.

Fast forward a week and I was unfolding Quiet Town’s liner in Atlantic, a soft blue color that highlights the cool undertones of my bathroom’s grey tile. And, as promised, the liner was definitely heavier than its unhealthy plastic predecessor. A full year later, my Quiet Town purchase has proven to be well worth every penny. Yes, I still have the same liner, I just spray it down with a gentle cleaner (I prefer Blueland’s bathroom spray) once a month. A spritz and a rinse easily washes away any soap scum or water stains and keeps the liner looking good as new. (Quiet Town also recommends using its DIY cleaning concoction, which combines baking soda, white vinegar and castile soap, if that’s more your speed).

My only regret about this purchase? Not springing for the hot pink liner...or paying a bit more to get the color-block Orient style (that blue and yellow combo is to-die-for). But I guess I know what I’ll be buying once my Quiet Town liner can no longer be revived with a little bathroom cleaner.

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