5 of the Best Cleaning Hacks for When You Have Zero Time

Let us set the scene: It’s a Tuesday night and you just walked in the door after an exhausting day at work, but your girlfriends are already on their way over to watch The Bachelor. Only problem? Your home is in no condition for visitors. Yikes. Don’t worry, this can be fixed. Ahead, five super-quick cleaning hacks for when you only have a few minutes to spare.

minimalist white bathroom
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Give Your Guest Bathroom A Once-over

Between the toothpaste splatter and smudges, your bathroom mirror has a lot more for guests to look at than just a reflection. Quickly wipe it down with some glass cleaner to make it shiny and clear. Psst, do the same with your sink and faucet while you're already standing there.

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Rely On Scent

For most of us, a clean scent gives the impression of a clean room. The best way to get your home smelling great in a pinch is with the new Glade® Plugins® Scented Oils air freshener in the Clean Linen® fragrance. The fragrance is rich and layered, but the adjustable warmer lets you control just how strong you want it to be. Each refill also lasts for 50 days (a whole season of distracting visitors from errant dust bunnies).

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Clear Away Paper

Kids’ homework, bills, junk mail, unread books. When these are strewn about a room it can look like a serious mess. If you’re in a bind, simply collect everything into organized stacks, then tuck it all away in the bookshelves or TV stand. You can put everything back in its proper home later.

couch with pillows
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Neatly Arrange Your Couch Pillows

Couches are focal points, and if yours is disheveled, the whole room will look disorderly. Roll up any throw blankets and keep them in a basket next to the couch, or fold them up and lay them across the back. As a finishing touch, fluff your pillows like a professional and “karate chop” across the center so they look polished, not slouchy.

clean kitchen counter
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Give Your Surfaces A Wipe Down

The crumbs from your breakfast muffin and those pesky coffee rings aren’t doing you any favors. Wipe the slate clean (pun intended) and let your sparkly countertops do the work for you.


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