10 Feel-Good Products to Melt Away Stress

You know those days that are just not your days? You hit every red light on your way to work, you spill your coffee on your cashmere sweater or you just wake up on the (very) wrong side of the bed. Whatever it is, we feel you—which is why we rounded up these products that are guaranteed to lift your spirits. So draw a warm bath, pour yourself a glass of Shiraz and bask in these sweet-smelling aromas. A whole new mood will be here in no time.

glade sunshine citrus 3 wick candle

1. Coastal Sunshine Citrus™ Scented Candle

Light the new Coastal Sunshine Citrus™ fragrance from Glade to infuse your room with notes of Mediterranean citrus, fresh coastal air and pineapple. Inhale a better mood, instantly.

calm club crystal set

2. Calm Club Good Vibes Crystal Kit

A handpicked assortment of three soothing crystals—one amethyst, one aquamarine, one rose quartz—meant to inspire relaxation and mindful moments throughout the day.

wisp reproductive probiotics

3. Wisp Reproductive Probiotics

These daily probiotics promote vaginal wellness by supporting good bacterial balance in the gut and reproductive system. You know what they say: Happy gut, happy life.

the five minute journal

4. The Five Minute Journal

Journaling every day is hard, but this version makes it a breeze. Spend just five minutes answering the question prompts each day, and it'll be your new nightly ritual before you can say “self-care.”

happy sweatshirt
Spiritual Gangster

5. Spiritual Gangster Happy Bridget Raglan Sweatshirt

This cozy pullover says it all.

meditation pillow set

6. Samaya Meditation Pillow Set

The benefits of meditation (like a lowered heart rate and better sleep) all contribute to one thing: a happier state of mind. Lean in to the practice however works for you, but be sure to do it on this gorgeous pillow set for optimum joy.

recess mood pack

7. Recess The Mood Sampler

This 8-pack of sparkling water is infused with mood-lifting ingredients, like magnesium and balancing adaptogens, in four flavors: strawberry rose, peach ginger, blood orange and black cherry.

sunshine vitamin d gummies

8. Nodayswasted Sunshine! Vitamin D Gummies

An edible dose of sunshine in strawberry, peach and mango flavors.

smiley slippers
Altar'd State

9. Altar'd State Smiley Face Slippers

Just try not to be at least 20 percent happier while wearing these. Plus, everyone knows cozy toes are the key to feeling like your best self.

aura affirmations card deck

10. Ser Paraíso Aura Affirmation Card Deck

Pull a card from this mood-lifting deck each morning to set a positive frame of mind for the day. The colorful set features 53 affirmations for spiritual empowerment.

purewow mark salmon

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