Finally, a Dog Kennel That's Actually Stylish

You'll adopt a dog just to own one


Your little four-legged Sarah Jessica Barker is one of the most regal ladies you know. (Have you seen her give paw lately?) So her home-within-a-home should be fit for a queen. That’s why we’re overjoyed to see an actually stylish crate hit the market—one that’s deserving of your dog’s residence.

Pretty Kennels, brought to you by a husband-and-wife team out of Austin, Texas, are exactly what they sound like: They’re pretty (OK, gorgeous) kennels. The idea for the business came out of the need to find a crate that wasn’t an eyesore and served more than one purpose. The solution? Kennels made of transparent acrylic and laser-cut with designs—paws, flowers or circles and stripes. 

The kennels, which come in three different sizes, are totally safe for your pup and easy to clean (phew). They aren’t exactly cheap, but if you think of them more as a piece of furniture than an old-school metal dog crate, they’re worth the splurge. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to hide it in the basement before your next dinner party? 

And just imagine how cuuuute Ms. Barker would look in there… 

jillian quint

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