Pottery Barn’s New Harry Potter Holiday Collection Is Prettier Than Hogwarts in December

Deck the halls of Hogwarts with Yule Ball cheer!

Pottery Barn just unveiled their new Harry Potter holiday collection, and it's as ~magical~ as you'd expect. Here, a few of our favorite items from the new collection.

harry potter ornaments
Pottery Barn

Plush Ornaments

Potter Puppet Pals IRL.

golden snitch lights
Pottery Barn

Golden Snitch String Lights

See ya, boring ol' plain string lights.

harry potter stockings
Pottery Barn

Gryffindor Stocking

Not to be confused with a gift for a House Elf. (Sorry, S.P.E.W.)

harry potter christmas garland
Pottery Barn

'happy Christmas' Garland

How long will we leave this garland up, you ask? In the words of Snape, "Always."


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