You Heard It Here First: pOpshelf Is the Trendy New Store with Fun Finds for Less

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There’s a new store popping up everywhere and the reason is pretty simple…shopping there is awesome. pOpshelf is how shopping should be: fun and stress-free. You no longer have to feel guilty about spending too much on something you fall in love with—because everything in pOpshelf’s store is affordable.

Customers are greeted by a curated assortment of hidden gems on gorgeous displays in a clutter-free, clean and engaging store environment. We’re talking seasonal items, beauty products, party decorations, home décor, cleaning supplies, toys and gourmet snacking from around the world—all in the same spot. Best of all, you can shop stress-free because everything in this store is affordable. Are you ready to shop yet? Here’s everything you need to know. P.S. Don’t forget to check out the pOpshelf rewards program (sign up and you’ll get a free rewards box).

pOpshelf Is Squeaky Clean (& Smells Good!)

The pOpshelf team personally selects the design and products in the store (down to the scent) so it feels like a high-end boutique—you know, the kind of place where you actually enjoy shopping and spending your time.

You Won’t Break the Bank

Shopping at pOpshelf is a throwback to a time when people browsed store aisles to find something that veritably “popped” from the shelf (see what we did there?). But the best part is that you no longer have to admire something that catches your eye and wave it goodbye because everything at pOpshelf is affordable. Shopping’s way more fun when the prices aren’t party-poopers, right?

Over 200+ Stores and Growing

You can find pOpshelf in 20 states, with more to come. Shop in-store from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. or buy online and pickup in-store. Download the app or go to to find a location near you.

There Are Always New Treasures to Discover

pOpshelf loves switching it up with new and exciting finds. You’ll never be bored. When a holiday is approaching or you just want to pop in for something fresh, you’ll find a basketful of affordable gems. See what pOpshelf is all about in person and “pop in” to a store near you!

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