TikTok’ s Latest Challenge Is ‘Plastic Free July’ and We Found the Best Ways to Get on Board

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Not so fun fact: A recent study revealed that we consume about five grams of microplastics a week. That’s around the mass of a credit card. (Cue the cringe.) And a lot of it is all thanks to the packaging we buy—a plastic container here, a plastic wrapper there.

But times have changed, ya’ll, and we’re more aware than ever of the health and sustainability risks that occur when plastics leach chemicals into your food, your body and the environment. It’s why O-I Glass—a leading glass packaging manufacturer, who is also committed to recycling and sustainability—is encouraging you to take part in Plastic Free July, a global movement organized by the Plastic Free Foundation that’s helped millions of people find solutions to plastic waste. Needless to say, TikTok loves a good challenge and was quick to get on board.

Choosing recyclable glass instead of plastic is the ultimate eco hack. It’s also a more natural, healthier choice that doesn’t chemically react with whatever is inside it. But where do you start when, up until now, plastic has always seemed like the easiest option? Check out these smart and simple tips we pulled from TikTok’s latest challenge and finally say goodbye to your toxic relationship with plastics. Trust us, it’s so much easier than you might think.

1. Bring Glass Jars to the Farmer’s Market

2. Shop In Bulk—Then Store It in Glass Jars

3. Swap Plastic Meal Prep Containers for Glass Options

4. Tote Your Own Glass Cup to the Coffee Shop

5. Preserve Flavor By Using Glass Containers

6. Make Your Own Condiments (and Store Them in Upcycled Glass Jars)

7. Propagate Your Plants in Old Jam Jars

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