6 Online Home Services That Are Basically a Shortcut to Your Dream Apartment

Living in New York affords us many conveniences (2 a.m. sushi, anyone?), but outfitting an apartment is not one of them. Just ask anyone who’s schlepped furniture up five flights of stairs…or lost an entire day to an IKEA excursion. So when we came across these six businesses, which make setting up your dream apartment possible with just a few clicks of a mouse, we were instantly obsessed.

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home services painting
Courtesy of Clare

Paint: Clare

A rose by any other name is thulian pink, garnet and #FFBFBF—at least in the world of paint. And anyone who’s attempted the daunting task of selecting a color knows that the subtleties between each shade are often so slight that it’s nearly impossible to make a selection. Enter Clare, the direct-to-consumer paint company founded by interior designer Nicole Gibbons. She’s taken the guesswork out of choosing a color by offering a curated palette of only the best, most popular shades (in cute names like Dirty Martini and Current Mood). Also, the user-friendly site features a short questionnaire and virtual support team so you can feel confident that Wing It will be the right choice for your bedroom walls.

home services feather
Courtesy of Feather

Furniture: Feather

You were an early adopter to the rent-your-wardrobe craze—and now you can apply the whole rotating-look concept to your living room. Feather recently launched a furniture subscription that works in a similar fashion. As a member, you’ll have the flexibility to swap out pieces for new designs or try items before committing to them (and all monthly payments go toward the purchase of an item). In addition to the company’s own high-quality pieces, it’s also teamed up with brands like West Elm and Casper. But our favorite perk just might be the free delivery and assembly.

home services bedding
Courtesy of Parachute

Bedding: Parachute

Whoever said New York is the city that never sleeps clearly hasn’t upgraded their bedding. It’s time to retire the jersey sheets you’ve had since college and invest in some quality linens. We love Parachute (yes, the brand you’ve seen ads for all over the subway): The site lets you design your dream bed by selecting sheets, quilts and pillows for a virtual mattress and then ships the customized set to your home, where you’ll likely be spending a lot more time once that luxe bedding arrives.

home services cookware
Courtesy of Potluck

Cookware: Potluck

There are precisely 22 essential tools for a home chef. At least according to the duo behind the new Brooklyn-based cookware brand Potluck. After researching and consulting with experts (including New York Times food writer Mark Bittman), they came up with the must-have items for their Essential Bundle and promise not a single piece will wind up collecting dust, regardless of your level of cooking experience. Not only is purchasing the bundle convenient, it’s also super affordable: By skipping the retail markup, Potluck is able to keep the costs down. And as for quality, the tri-ply stainless steel cookware, sharp knives and durable tools are made in the very same factory, and out of the exact same materials, as a fancy high-end brand that’s sold for twice the price at a well-known kitchen store.

home services dishes
Courtesy of Year & Day

Dishes: Year & Day

The mismatched mugs left by past roommates and hand-me-down dishes from your aunt have served you well, but now you’re ready for an upgrade. Don’t know where to start? Just answer a few questions on Year & Day’s website about your lifestyle, living arrangement and hosting preferences, and instantly see a list of timeless ceramics, flatware and glasses to suit your needs and taste. Dishes come in four complementary colors so you can opt for a sleek monochromatic look or an effortless mix-and-match style. So hey, even if you end up eating cereal for dinner, at least it’ll look chic.

home services flowers
Courtesy of Farmgirl Flowers

Flowers: Farmgirl Flowers

We’ve always fancied ourselves as the type of women who would keep fresh flowers around the home, but for various reasons (read: our commute involves squeezing onto the F train, not passing through a farmers market), it hasn’t been put into practice. So we were thrilled to discover Farmgirl Flowers, which lets us order ethically farmed, chemical-free and (whenever possible) American-grown flowers and have a gorgeous burlap-wrapped bouquet arrive at our door the next day. Tip: Instead of displaying them as a bunch, divvy up the blooms among multiple vases, including some for single stems, and place throughout your home.

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