This New Dog Food Service Makes It Soooo Easy to Feed Your Pup Healthy Meals

The laziest and best solution ever


Thanks to you, your pup is living his best life: fancy kennel, a comfy bed to sleep in, even Xanax when he’s feeling a bit anxious. So shouldn’t Ralphie also be eating the best, too?

Well, Ollie, a new startup offering fresh meals made from real ingredients, agrees. They’re serving up human-grade quality meals packed with fruits, veggies and meat. They’re even using boosters like basil (for antioxidant power) and chia seeds (a great source of omega-3 fatty acids).

And trust us, we know Ralphie is picky. So when you create your doggy profile, you can input all the details: his age, weight, breed, activity level, overall health, preferences and any allergies. Ollie chefs will then whip up custom meals, tailoring the portions specifically for your precious pup. Prices vary based on calorie requirements, but meals for small dogs start at just  $3 a day.

But it’s not just a win for Ralphie. Ollie makes your life easier by delivering the meals right to your door every one or two weeks. Store the food in your fridge until it’s time to serve. And voilà! Ralphie is living a life we could only dream of. (And, if you're Ralphie's human, go ahead and snag 50% off a box here.)

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