A PureWow Quiz

What Type of Mom Are You?


You’d never let your kid stay up past bedtime. (Or would you?) You always buy organic milk (Or, meh?) Take our quiz to see what your parenting choices say about your lease on life…and what that might mean for your family’s happiness.


The Ideal Birthday Party Would Be Held

In your backyard

On a goat farm

At the Gymboree

At the math and science museum

At that tapas restaurant you’ve been wanting to try

Anywhere you can get the entire "Daniel Tiger" cast to make an appearance


What’s Your Most Persistent Parenting Worry?

That your kids won't measure up to their peers

That your kids won't have enough free time to figure out who they really are

That you’ve lost your edge

The cost of childcare

The amount of Cheerios crumbs in your couch cushions

Worry? You don’t worry!


Your Child Doesn’t Want To Eat His Dinner. You:

Engage in a stand-off until he's finished every last bite

Give up and let him eat Eggo waffles on the floor

Give him three more vaguely healthy options and let him choose one

Sign him up for cooking classes to empower his eating decisions


_____ Is So Worth The Money

A babysitter

A tutor

A custom-built treehouse

A zoo membership

The entire Crew Cuts fall line

An iPad loaded with Elmo videos


After The Kids Go To Bed You Can Be Found

Making school lunches

Catching up on Netflix

Passing out immediately

Out…at da club