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(Not so) hot take: When it comes to your kitchen, you can never have enough counter space. But if you’re anything like us, that space isn’t always easy to come by, leading to some creative setups (i.e. chopping garlic on the coffee table). Luckily, there’s a way to maximize your culinary capacity and up your kitchen organization game—whether you’re planning on tackling a larger remodeling project this summer or just working with what you already have. Elkay’s functional (and fashionable) workstation sinks are your secret weapon for everything from cooking to keeping your counters clutter-free. Here, four reasons why these sinks are the kitchen upgrade you need.

You’ll Save Valuable Space

Need a little more breathing room? Elkay’s workstation sinks come with customizable accessories—think: cutting board, colander, drying rack and drains—that slide seamlessly into the sink ledge for extra counter space. Basically, you could be rolling out dough and drying dishes at the same time, in the same space. Genius.

Cleanup Is a Breeze

This sink makes organizing your counter space after cooking practically foolproof. Thanks to those custom accessories that sit right within the bowl, there’s not only a place for everything, but you can also immediately start washing your workspace right there. Say goodbye to unsightly piles of dirty dishes forever.

You Might Just Become a Meal-Prep Master

Sunday meal prep (and everything else) just became a whole lot easier. These workstation sinks have one single, extra-deep bowl for uninterrupted space and more room for stacking big bowls, large baking sheets, and whatever else you’re using to prep for the week ahead or a fancy dinner party. 

You Can Customize!

Yes, a sink can totally be stylish. Start with whichever durable finish you like: the stainless steel Crosstown® Workstation Sink, scratch and stain-resistant Fireclay Farmhouse Workstation Sink, or bacteria-busting Quartz Luxe® Workstation Sink, which comes in a variety of colors. (We’re partial to the Mint Creme!) Then mix and match with their whole host of different design treatments, faucet and drain styles for a look that’ll suit your unique kitchen vibe. 




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