Marie Kondo Is Taking Her KonMari Consultant Certification Courses Online Starting This July

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Your friends all come to you for advice on how to trim down their overflowing closets, your roommate surrendered full organizational control of your tiny kitchen and even your sister has to admit you have the neatest hall closet she’s ever seen. You’re basically a tidying pro, but beginning this July you can actually earn the certification to prove it thanks to the one and only Marie Kondo, who will finally start offering her KonMari consultant certification courses online.

Yes, you can actually train to become a certified KonMari tidying expert who can then use those skills to help clients reorganize their homes. While the three-day course is usually taught in person, Kondo and her team are finally taking their teachings digital with the first virtual course beginning on Monday July 13. (If the July session doesn’t work with your schedule, there will be another virtual session in September 2020 with registration opening up just after the first session ends.) However, be warned, earning your KoniMari certification is no easy feat, nor is it all that cheap.

Those hoping to complete the $2,500 course and begin utilizing Kondo’s hot tidying tips in the homes of clients are required to pass through a rigorous seven-step process. Reading Kondo’s books The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy and KonMari-ing you own home and KonMari-ing your own home are prerequisites for before even attending training. Those teaching the course need to be sure trainees understand the nuance and specificity of Kondo’s method and won’t certify just any old fan hoping to perfect the art of folding a fitted sheet

Kondo considers her training courses to be very personal endeavors. “Growing up, I was enchanted by tidying, but I didn’t know I could turn it into a career!” she told PureWow. “After my personal tidying business took off, I established the Consultant program to meet demand and share my unique tidying method with the world. It’s a very personal offering—I’m humbled by how many people find a sense of purpose in this work.”

You can learn more about the certification process and look into taking the course on the KonMari website. And if the process (and price tag) sounds a bit too much for you, at least your friends and family will still consider you their go-to tidying expert, even without the official certification.



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