Mind Blown: Marie Kondo Admits to Having Clutter…And Offers One Tip for How to Deal With It

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When we think about our favorite TV stars, we like to imagine their homes to be pristine examples of what they preach. Meaning we assume that Ina Garten’s fridge is always perfectly stocked, Jonathan Van Ness has an entire drawer dedicated to dry shampoo and Emilia Clarke definitely has a few dragon eggs lying around. 

As for tidying queen Marie Kondo? Well, for her we envision streamlined closets, shoes neatly put away and every sock perfectly paired. And we bet she never has to run around her house wondering where the damn keys are. (Just us?) 

But as it turns out, the Tidying Up with Marie Kondo star revealed in the hit Netflix show that even her own home gets messy sometimes. Yes, it's true—even the organization guru herself has junk lying around her house on occasion. And here’s her refreshing tip for what to do when you feel overwhelmed by clutter (which let's be honest, happens weekly): Walk away or just go to bed, because you can always pick up where you left off tomorrow. (We told you it was doable.)

And actually, despite appearances, the show's participants tackle their clutter in one month, thereby proving Kondo's point. Which when you think about it, totally makes sense. The whole concept behind the KonMari method is to feel gratitude for every item that you own (even saying thank-you to the items that you plan on throwing away)—something that’s hard to accomplish in a single weekend.

In other words? It’s a marathon, not a race. And Marie Kondo is officially giving you permission to take your sweet time while sorting through all your joy-sparking ephemera. (No promises that you still won't lose a sock in the laundry, though.)

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