EXCLUSIVE: Hate Half the Things in Your Closet? Marie Kondo Wants You to Approach Them with This Surprising Concept

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Sure, everyone wants an edited, organized closet. But for some of us, parting with stuff feels downright torturous.

Decluttering sensation Marie Kondo has thoughts on changing your outlook. On a recent visit to PureWow HQ, Kondo asked us to start approaching our closet cleansing with gratitude—and that this practice (not set quotas or harsh mandates) is the key to effective decluttering. The thinking here is that, that by approaching editing with a loving, thankful heart (read: literally thanking your items out loud), it becomes a less painful task.

“Your items support you,” she says. “Take time to express gratitude for the clothes you wore and the accessories you put on. This practice will make you conscious of how many thing enhance your daily life and bring peace to your heart.”

Sound a little “woo-woo” and wacky? Well, clearly—but if Kondo’s new reality show, millions of global book sales and general world domination are any indication, it works, folks.

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