Look Inside 9 Celebrities' Amazing NYC Apartments

We'll take Mary-Kate Olsen's rooftop pool, please

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When you live in Ohio, your neighbor is a guy in a flannel shirt named Bob, and if you’re lucky, he’ll let you borrow his pruning shears.

When you live in NYC, your neighbor is Mary-Kate Olsen, and if you’re lucky, she’ll let you do laps in her rooftop pool.

Take a peek at the pads of nine of your celebrity neighbors, from Jessica Chastain to Louis C.K.

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Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Mary-kate Olsen

Remember MK's cigarette-smoke-filled nuptials to Olivier Sarkozy? The lovebirds have now shacked up in a $13.5 million, nearly 7,000-square-foot Turtle Bay apartment with a portico (an Italian porch thing), loggia (some other Italian porch thing) and a rooftop exercise pool (exactly what it sounds like). Laps, anyone?

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Halstead Property

Jessica Chastain

The Oscar nominee picked a very famous pad to call home--it’s the former co-op of composer Leonard Bernstein (ya know, West Side Story?) and includes five fireplaces, an eat-in chef’s kitchen and quartz countertops.

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Halstead Property

Daniel Radcliffe

The Harry Potter star is only in NYC for part of the year, so in the meantime he’s renting out his two-bedroom Soho apartment for a cool $19,000 a month. Yep, all you have to do is drain your 401K, and you could be reading The Goblet of Fire in Radcliffe’s giant soaking tub.

Tina Fey

The SNL and 30 Rock funny gal not only owns this $9.5 million, four-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side, she also owns the one directly below it. Oh, what we’d give to stand at this marble kitchen island with Tina, just hanging out and working on our night cheese together.

Michelle Williams

We’re kind of obsessed with the Dawson’s Creek fave’s taste in real estate, so we’d be thrilled to get a personal invite to her $2.5 million, 114-year-old mansion in Prospect Park South. Must have gotten lost in the mail.

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Douglas Elliman

Anne Hathaway

Want to brunch on this private terrace? Easy--just become BFFs with Oscar winner Anne Hathaway. Her $2.25 million mansion is one of the last remaining private residences of its kind on the Upper West Side.

Louis C.k.

The actor and comedian must really love his building, because he’s purchased four units in the same West Village co-op. Hmm, we wonder if his neighbors still confuse him for a homeless man when he sits in the courtyard.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick

The pair recently bought two adjoining townhouses on 11th Street in the West Village and are planning to connect them. They’re creating one huge, 14,000-square-foot mansion, complete with an outdoor courtyard the Sex and the City gals really could have gotten into a lot of trouble in.

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Beyonce & Jay Z

Want to watch fireworks with Bey and Jay Z on the Fourth of July? Rent an apartment in their building at 195 Hudson St., which includes access to the shared deck on the roof. It’s the perfect place to practice your "Single Ladies" choreography while you wait for Beyoncé to show up.

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