6 Living Room Trends That Are Taking Over in 2023

The living room is the heart of our home. It houses movie marathons, Scrabble showdowns and book club meetups. And since we spend so much time in this space, it should reflect our style and state of mind—whether we‘re ushering in fresh design trends or sticking with the classics. To find out which decor movements are headed our way this year, we tapped interior designers and experts for their 2023 living room inspiration. Peruse their trend predictions below, from double-sided fireplaces to the surprising wall color that’s making a comeback.

Mark Our Words: This Will Be the No. 1 Design Trend of 2023

1. Statement Stone

Say goodbye to museum modernism. In 2023, charm and craftsmanship are on everyone’s mood boards. Those seeking imperfect spaces will gravitate toward this year’s stone trend, statement marble, which shows off high-contrast striations and color stories within each slab. When explaining the material, designer and YouTuber Nick Lewis suggests Calcutta viola, graphite quartzite or soapstone to bring this look to life in the living room. Lewis tells us to select the stone for focal points of our space, like a coffee table if you’re dipping into the trend or a fireplace if you’re diving.

2. Double-Sided Fireplace

Speaking of fireplaces, Toronto-based designer Samantha Sacks says we’ll be seeing the double-sided variety more often this year. Our homes have shape-shifted to make room for work, play, action and relaxation as of late, and our appliances should be just as multifunctional. Sacks says mantles that straddle inside and outside lend a coziness to the “outdoor spaces we worked so hard to create over the last few years.”

Imagine it: On one end of the hearth, you’re listening to crackling coals with a good book and on the other end of the flames, your kids are telling ghost stories on the porch. Whenever we get around to renovating our homes, this idea is first on our list.  

3. Chocolate Brown

Design lovers are getting grounded by way of earthy color palettes, opting for rich red-browns, espressos and chocolate-y tones. And after the hours of daily screen time we’re all racking up, nature-inspired anything is a good idea. Along with its calming powers, brown shades play well with almost any interior design style, home decor blogger Vivien Albrecht (aka Posh Pennies) points out in a recent video. Along with paint, Albrecht suggests bringing in stained wood end tables, woven light fixtures, brown upholstery or textiles to warm up the living room.

4. Eclectic Glass

Perhaps the most enchanting trend to appear in our feeds is eclectic glass, which Albrecht says is having a moment in every room of the home. Whether you’re coveting ’70s-era burnt orange vases or want to step into a stained-glass sanctuary, decorative glass can be as low or high a commitment as you’d like. Alberch is noticing colorful wall partitions, ribbed glass cabinets and pastel serving-ware making a comeback in the design world. The best part: You can snag one-of-a-kind finds, like this dreamy Tiffany lamp, at your local thrift shop.

5. Playful Seating

In a departure from all-neutral palettes, colorful seating will be on full display in the living room, according to NYC-based designer, Crystal Sinclair. Dwellers have their eyes on velvet sofas that come in a rainbow of hues, bright settees and antique armchairs.

So how can you pair colors like a pro? Stick with shades in the same family, like olive greens, golds and browns or team up opposing shades on the color wheel, like this vibrant amethyst and ochre duo. And if the idea of springing for an electric blue couch induces panic, Sinclair says throw pillows are a more approachable place to start.

6. Scalloped Edges

After years of austere design aesthetics, we’re ready to welcome some whimsy back into our homes. Craving decor that’s playful without feeling unsophisticated? Try scalloped edges, says designer Nina Takesh, who counts this style as her most-loved upcoming trend. We’ll soon see the funky forms everywhere, from pendant lighting and pottery to mirrors and iron chairs. To put the little waves to work in your living room, go for a rug with scalloped trim or an undulating sofa back, advises Takesh. Let it serve as a stylish reminder that we shouldn’t take anything, including our furniture, too seriously. 

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