7 Kitchen Countertop Trends We're Loving Right Now

When it comes to countertops, you’re probably thinking “classic” and “staying power” over “hot new trend.” But what if the hot new trend was so crazy stupid gorgeous, you really could live with it forever? Here, seven on-trend looks we’re absolutely loving (and we’re betting won’t look dated five years down the road).

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House of Jade Interiors

Whiteout Quartz

Rejoice! The ubiquitous white marble countertops of 2016 have a happy alternative. Sleek, pure white Caesarstone is as durable as it is wallet-happy (it’ll typically run you $65/square foot), and still provides that light, bright, Pinterest-perfect aesthetic we know and love.

Pale Wide Plank Wood

There’s a new neutral in town: Cool-toned light wood. We love how this material straddles the line between organic and modern, and how versatile it is to decorate around. (Just be super diligent about sealing with wax and cleaning regularly to avoid unsightly staining.)

Classic Subway Tiles

Formerly relegated to the 1950s capsule home of Great Aunt Mildred, tiled countertops are making a glorious comeback. We’re big fans of the crisp, white, elongated subway tile look, preferably paired with equally crisp white grout for added sophistication.

Concrete Waterfalls

Waterfall countertops have totally graduated from buzzy trend to kitchen-style icon. But troweled concrete (translation: spread with a hand tool to produce a deliberately imperfect finish) is the cascading medium du jour. We love the juxtaposition of industrial edge and breezy movement.

Devol Kitchens

Reclaimed Wood

The live-edge wood counters of yesteryear are being nudged aside in favor of farmhouse-chic, unabashedly rustic planks. In addition to warm coloring (think maple or longleaf pine), a well-loved patina is the very charm of these babies—so the more battered (read: used) the better.

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Rafe Churchill

Unusual Soapstone

Soapstone, with its milky, matte finish, has long been a power player, but we’re absolutely loving its newest iteration: blue tinted slabs with random painterly streaks of white. How very French country house.

Integrated Sinks

From marble to tadelakt, sinks that meld seamlessly into countertop are everywhere right now. The result? A kitchen that feels incredibly custom and high-end by this faucet (erm, facet) alone.

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