4 Color Palettes That Pair Perfectly with Black Kitchen Appliances

You’ve spent the better part of six months—OK, a year—scouring Pinterest for inspiration on how to design your new kitchen and you’ve settled on Black Slate GE Appliances. Of course, you can go the monochromatic route and stick with an all-white or gray color scheme for the rest of the space. But if you’re looking to step outside the box, we’ve put together four different color palettes that will complement your fancy (smudge-resistant) oven and range. It’s cool to pin your own kitchen to your dream board, right?

earthy color palette

If You Want A Relaxed Cooking Space

If you haven’t heard by now, sage green is Pinterest’s most-searched color for 2018 and for good reason. It blends with virtually any decor style and is an instant mood lifter. The earthy color pairs perfectly with matte black appliances and will make your guests feel cozy and immediately at home, which is great if you entertain often. To brighten everything up, add a touch of cream and distressed wood accents throughout.

navy and blue color palette

If You Want To Ease Into A Trend

So you want to dabble in a new trend, but you don’t exactly want to be over it in three months (ahem, concealed kitchens)? Opt for a color that’s currently in style but also timeless: navy blue. Paint a central piece of the room navy (like an island or the lower cabinets) but keep the majority of the kitchen white. Natural wood stools and black slate appliances will lend a modern touch to the nautical look of navy and white.

red and grey color palette

If You Want To Make A Statement

Red cabinetry will give the space a ton of energy. And since red is a color that’s known to stimulate appetite, it’s an ideal hue to feature in a kitchen. The matte black of your appliances, in addition to neutral gray accessories (like dish towels and plates), will temper the bold color.

wood grain color palette

If You Want To Embrace Natural Elements

To complement your modern black slate appliances, use au naturel textures in the form of light and dark wood grains, in addition to concrete-like stonework. Think plank flooring, rustic cabinetry and crown molding. A copper skillet here and a copper teapot there will tie everything together and give your kitchen that next-level industrial vibe.

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