*This* Is How to Make Your Kitchen Look Twice As Expensive (According to Jonathan Scott)

As a professional property brother flipper, HGTV star Jonathan Scott is used to working with folks who have Champagne tastes on beer budgets—and making their design dreams come true. We recently sat down to chat about his rad, new online platform, Casaza, and we just had to ask him how he makes cheap n’ chic kitchens look so easy. Below, Jonathan’s three top tips for luxing up the most important room in the house…on a dime.

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Embellish Prefab Cabinets

Jonathan is a huge fan of cutting back on expenses by buying prefab cabinets—then doctoring them to make them sing. Think: Adding stylish hardware pulls, installing a light rail underneath the uppers or adding crown molding details around the edges. Each creates the illusion of custom cabinetry—even if you bought those puppies on closeout at your local Home Depot.

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Adopt A Two-tone Color Sceheme

Another go-to trick for infusing a kitchen with upscale vibes? Opt for two-tone cabinets (hello, black cupboards with a glossy white island). A not-so-basic color palette in the kitchen adds instant design cred and shows creative vision.

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Install (inexpensive) Statement Lighting

“Lighting is one of those areas where there is a huge price gap between items that basically look the same,” says Jonathan.His advice? Trust that bargain fixtures in elevated silhouettes can make your space looks so much more luxurious—no need to shell out big bucks. One final note “Add dimmers!”

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