7 Genius Ways to Use Aluminum Foil Around the House

It's not just for leftovers, people

Aluminum foil: Not only is it a great "Weird Al" Yankovic song; it’s also your secret weapon for various household chores. Here, seven totally ingenious things to do with it.


Get Rid Of Shower Rust

Before you replace that old, brown shower rod, try balling up foil and rubbing away the rust. (We were shocked by how well this works.)


Sharpen Your Favorite Pair Of Shears

Scissors dull? Slice through a sheet of tinfoil. They’ll be sharper in seconds.


Keep A Room Toastier

The next time your house feels like Antarctica, wrap foil around a piece of plywood and stick it behind a cast-iron radiator to amplify heat.


Rid Your Clothes Of Static Cling

Just say no to skirts that cling to your underpants. Throw a crumpled ball in with a load of clothes, and it’ll work exactly like a dryer sheet.

Spiff Up Old Gold Or Silver Jewelry

Line a bowl with foil, fill it with hot water, and add a tablespoon of (bleach-free) powdered laundry detergent. Soak that necklace in the mixture for one minute--and it’ll come out good as new.


Iron Clothes Faster

Tuck a sheet of foil underneath an ironing board cover. It’ll reflect and double heat from the iron, cutting ironing time nearly in half.

Brian Patrick Flynn/HGTV

Scare Pets Away From Your Christmas Tree

Crinkle scraps under the tree skirt, and behold as Fido freaks the hell out when he steps on them.

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