11 Kinda Amazing Things You Can Do With Coffee Filters

Aside from making coffee

Coffee filters: You know them as the little paper cones that get you from uggggh to ready to face the day. But did you know you can also use them to clean your windows? Or degrease your pizza? Or buff your boots? Here, 11 totally brilliant ways to use them all day long.

Clean Your Windows

So streak-free, the birds will be fooled.

Make An Air Freshener

Fill 'em up with baking soda and tie 'em with a bow.

Anita Far Above Rubies

Prevent Rust On A Cast-iron Skillet

Whenever your skillet isn’t in use, spread out a filter in the center to suck up harmful moisture.

Line Potted Plants

It’ll prevent soil from escaping out through the drainage hole.

Spread Oil In A Pan

Or grease up a baking dish super fast.


Protect Stacked China

Put a filter between each piece to guard against scratches.

Serve As An Impromptu Strainer

Works on food, old paint thinner, whatever.

Degrease Fried Foods

It’ll do a better job than a napkin.

Urban Outfitters

Buff Leather

Make those ankle boots shine.

Take Off Nail Polish

Works way better than tissues or cotton balls--try it!

De-silk Corn

Dampen and wipe it across the ears to get rid of the stringy stuff.