Use a Common Kitchen Tool to Open that Annoying Clamshell Packaging

And spare your manicure


Paper cuts, socks that get lost in the laundry, loud talkers. While we’re working on our list of Things That Most Annoy Us, can we please add awful “clamshell” plastic packaging that’s impossible to break into?

Good thing we discovered the easiest (and safest) way to open it…not involving your teeth.

What you need: A manual rotary can opener.

What you do: Clamp down on one corner edge of the clamshell packaging and turn the handle, as if you were opening an actual can. Stop as soon as you get to the end of one side (the sharp wheels won’t turn around pointy plastic corners). Continue onto the next side, stopping at each corner.

It’s magic! The packaging should just peel apart, but if any bits are still stuck together, carefully slide a kitchen knife between the two layers. Remove the treasure within, toss the package, resume your life.

jillian quint

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