How to Dry Vases and Wine Bottles So They Don't Mildew

Condensation, be gone


We love floral arrangements as much as the next gal. But all good things come to an end, and when you’ve tossed the wilted blooms, rinsed the vase and tried to dry it out, you always end up with that little ring of condensation. Ya know, the one that sits in the neck for days, creating mildew and discoloring the glass? Yes, you’ve tried squishing a hand towel into one, but to no avail. So when we stumbled on this super-easy method for drying vases and wine bottles, we had to share.

What you need: A paper towel.

What you do: Roll the paper towel into a tube and insert all the way into the bottle or vase. Let sit for a few hours.

How it works: The towel will unroll enough to touch the sides of the neck of the decanter and will absorb the moisture left behind from rinsing.

There you have it: a perfectly clear decanter ready for the next batch of spring blooms...or bottle of vino, whichever you prefer. (We prefer the vino.)


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