8 Secrets of People Who Don’t Have Car Problems

It’s true: There are people out there who aren’t in a constant state of worry when it comes to their vehicle. Meanwhile, you feel clueless about how to maintain a car and seem to always be getting hit with $3,000 mechanic bills (what’s an air-conditioning compressor, anyway?). But we have some good news: It doesn’t have to be this way. Here, we reveal eight secrets of people who never seem to have car problems—hint: It includes turning to the auto glass service professionals at Safelite®—and how you can join them in this not-so-exclusive club.

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1. They Have Their Damaged Windshield Fixed

While a crack in your windshield might seem minor, it can quickly turn into a much bigger deal. Besides potentially obscuring your view, there’s also the chance that small crack could grow larger from exposure to extreme heat or even the impact from driving over bumps in the road. That’s where Safelite comes in. Their expert auto glass technicians use the best materials for a quality, hassle-free car windshield replacement. Not to mention, they work with most car makes and models and offer the industry’s only nationwide lifetime warranty.

Scheduling your appointment online is fast and easy. If your vehicle has advanced safety features such as lane keep assist, forward collision warning and auto emergency braking, then you will likely need the forward-facing camera attached to your windshield to be recalibrated after a replacement. Luckily, Safelite can complete the manufacturer-required windshield recalibration at the same time as your windshield replacement appointment for your convenience and safety.

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2. They Get Their Oil Changed Regularly

There’s no exact rule of thumb for how often you need to do this (typically about every 3,000 miles). Your driver’s manual will give you a ballpark mileage schedule based on your specific vehicle and the state you live in. (Some states, like California, have stricter emissions guidelines.) For about $50, a regular oil change will keep your engine cool and lubricated, saving you from truly expensive repairs down the road.

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3. They Keep Their Auto Glass Clean

A dirty, clouded or streaked windshield is not only unsightly, it can obscure your view of the road. Decreased visibility is dangerous for both you and your passengers because it can lead to accidents. Don’t risk it: Keep your windows and windshield clean with Safelite’s professional-grade glass cleaner. Plus, while cleaning your windows is an important safety precaution, ensuring your windshield is free of debris also helps maintain the glass and the wiper function.

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4. They Don't Let Their Gas Level Fall Below A Quarter Tank

First and foremost, you are way less likely to run out of gas if you’re not frantically searching for a station while running on fumes. Secondly, running on fumes is bad for your car, since it can cause the electric fuel-pump motor (aka the thing that pushes gas to the engine) to suck in air and wear out prematurely. The same goes for an electric model: Keep an eye on the charge and always be well aware of the location of charging stations near you.

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5. They Replace Their Windshield Wiper Blades

Did you know you should replace your wipers every six to twelve months? It makes sense: Those little guys go through a lot of wear and tear from extensive use and constant sun exposure. Old wiper blades lead to windshield streaks and smears, which can jeopardize your safety on the road. Not to mention, keeping your wiper blades in good shape also helps maintain the windshield glass itself. Safelite offers superior, all-weather wiper blades designed to perform under the most extreme conditions. Bonus: You can go to any local Safelite shop and they’ll install them for you. Win-win.

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6. They Drive Safely

We don’t need to tell you that everything you learned in driver’s ed still applies. That means wearing your seatbelt, keeping your eyes on the road, practicing defensive driving and observing the speed limit. The faster you’re going, the harder you need to stomp on your brakes to slow down. And the harder you stomp on the brakes, the quicker you are to destroy those brake pads. And you’re also way more likely to have an accident, for what it’s worth.

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7. They Rotate Their Tires

What even is tire rotation, you may ask? It’s basically a way of managing tire tread wear—the scraping that happens on roads and rough surfaces. Most manufacturers recommend you get your tires rotated about every 7,500 miles or six months. And without regular rotations, tire treads can wear down unevenly to create a rough, potentially unstable driving experience. Not only is it more likely you’ll get a puncture or flat, tire tread wear could decrease your safety on the road from things like heat buildup, hydroplaning on wet roads or poor traction on snow and ice. Think of getting your tires rotated like going to the dentist. It may seem like a pain now, but you’ll be a lot better off in the long run.

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8. They Don't Ignore That Funny Feeling

Hear a weird noise? Smell a vaguely burnt odor? Feel a slight pulling to the side every time you accelerate? Don’t just go about your day and hope it will get better. Check in with your mechanic to see if they think it should be looked at. At the very least, you’ve bought yourself some peace of mind.

Speaking of peace of mind, book your appointment with Safelite now to get any vehicle glass damage fixed, and stay up to date on the rest of your vehicle maintenance. Then relax: You’re well on your way to joining the “no car problems” club.

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