For a while, your crisp white walls left you feeling happy and satisfied (ahh, minimalism). Fast-forward to a few years later and you’re growing bored of its stark appearance. Fortunately, you don’t have to rethink your entire space to spice things up. Instead, here are four ways to accent your home with a healthy dose from the color wheel.

colorful ceramic plates

Rethink the Typical Gallery Wall

A home without wall decor is like Chrissy Teigen without John Legend. Perfectly fine on its own but taken to the next level when you add the other. But a gallery wall of framed prints can add up in price…fast. To dress up neutral walls in a more affordable manner, try bright woven baskets, decorative plates or colorful mirrors. These everyday objects not only add color but also create a surprising focal point in your room.

Sponsored yellow nightstand in neutral bedroom
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Paint Something Functional

We love a good accent wall as much as the next gal, but we’re encouraging you to try something slightly different this time around. Rather than paint an entire wall, paint something functional instead, like a bedroom side table or a dresser. For any painting projects, we rely on KILZ 2® Latex primer—a fast-drying multi-surface primer, sealer and stain blocker. Follow up with the color of your choice (may we suggest Wake Up?) and you’re all set.

patterned rugs on wooden bench
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Layer Patterned Area Rugs

Bright, bold prints can work wonders for any room. Not only will they liven things up butthey’ll also add texture and create dimension. You can even layer an area rug over existing wall-to-wall carpet, especially if the carpet is neutral. As a general rule, stick to just one playful pattern that ties back into the theme of the room and keep the other rugs to organic fabrics like cowhide or jute.

flowers on kitchen counter
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And When in Doubt, Fill the Room with Flowers

You know what they say: A bouquet a day keeps the dullness away. OK, maybe we’re the only ones who say that, but it’s true. A vase overflowing with garden roses will add maturity to your room, along with natural beauty. To go one step further, consider grouping your arrangements.Think two on top of a tray or three offset on a dresser. If flowers aren’t exactly your thing, opt for greenery instead.

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