Houseplants Home to Unwanted Guests? The Solution Is Raid Essentials Flying Insect Light Trap

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Whether you consider yourself a professional plant parent or just hoping to keep that one potted pothos alive as long as possible, we can all agree: Plants add appeal to any space. They can also attract unwanted houseguests. (No, we’re not referring to your in-laws.) Gnats, fruit flies, moths, mosquitoes and all manner of flying pests are drawn to many types of houseplants, especially in the hot and humid summer months.

Luckily, there’s a new insecticide-free solution that’s both people and pet-friendly (and decor-friendly, more on that later) when used as directed. The Raid Essentials Light Trap uses only light to attract insects, then captures them with an adhesive backing. When the backing is full, just remove, toss and replace with a refill.

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It's sleek, subtle, quiet and uses very low energy. It also seamlessly blends into your decor (and does double duty as a calming blue night-light). Whether it's behind your favorite snake plant or tucked away underneath a kitchen cabinet, the minimalist design keeps clutter and fruit flies in check.

But our favorite feature is that it’s a set-it-and-forget-it way to keep bugs in check. No more swatting at mosquitoes or chasing fruit flies away from your fruit bowl.

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Just plug into a nearby outlet and be amazed at the number of pests caught near your houseplants, doorways, kitchen—virtually anywhere in your home where the flying foe tend to congregate.

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