9 Bathroom Essentials to Always Have on Hand for Houseguests

Being a guest in someone’s home can make anyone feel out of sorts, especially during this weird and unpredictable time. You’re living out of a suitcase rather than your coordinated closet. You’re sleeping in a bed that has a way firmer mattress than your plush king. You’re using a bathroom that doesn’t have any of your personal items. While we can usually get past the first two differences, it’s the entire bathroom situation you have a hard time adjusting to. So, if the tables have turned and you find that you’re the one hosting extra family members (or your kid’s latest S.O.) during the quarantine, be sure to stock these nine bathroom essentials to make everyone feel more at home.

hotel robe

1. Unexpected Pleasantries

Create a hotel-like experience for company by adding a few extra items they wouldn’t necessarily need but are definitely nice to have. Think a comfy post-shower robe, a handmade bar of soap (buh-bye, liquid dispenser) or even a pair of slippers. Trust us, these little details will go a long way. And we bet they’ll even tell all their friends about it.

air wick vip pre poop spray
Air Wick

2. Air Wick V.i.p. Pre-poop Spray

Masking bathroom smells with artificially scented room sprays or candles can make things even worse. Air Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop Spray is proven to neutralize odors at the source and keeps the room smelling fresh. Simply spray it three times directly into the bowl to trap smells under the water’s surface before guests arrive, then leave it out in an obvious spot so they can use it during their stay.

bamboo toothbrushes

3. Elevated Toiletries

Stock your bathroom cabinet with things that often get left behind, like toothbrushes, and disposable razors. But instead of grabbing the usual rainbow of plastic, get your hands on options made with eco friendly materials, which are better for the environment (duh), but also way better looking on your sink.

parachute bath towel set

4. Plush Towels

Nothing makes or breaks a bathroom experience like towels. Too thin and they’ll feel scratchy on your skin. Overly fluffy and you’ll come out covered in lint. Find the middle-ground and stock up on a full set of them, plus matching wash cloths and an extra hand towel. Store them in a spot your guests can see at a glance, like a shelf or chic woven basket.

hamper with lid

5. Hamper With A Lid

“Where do you want me to put the towels?” A question that all of us have asked at one point or another when being a houseguest. Skip the awkward song and dance by leaving a hamper in the guest bathroom so they know exactly where to put those used towels. See? Problem solved.

aquis hair towel

6. Basket Of Hair Tools

In our opinion, one of the most annoying things to travel with is hair tools. They take up prime real estate in a weekend bag or suitcase and, for the most part, there isn’t one tool that does it all. Set up a basket of goodies you think your guest will get the most use out of. We’re personal fans of a microfiber hair towel because they dry hair quickly without any harsh tugging unlike normal towels. Round out the tools with blow dryer, flat iron and curling wand, and be sure to let your guests know you’ve got them covered before their arrival so they can pack all five pairs of shoes.

portable bluetooth speaker

7. Bluetooth Speaker

What’s a shower without any singing, right? Stash a portable Bluetooth speaker for those who like to listen to some tunes while soaking in the bath…and for those who like to have some, uh, background noise. (Hey, there’s a reason that public restrooms play music.) Much like your WiFi network, make sure your guests know the “name” of the speaker so they can quickly connect it to their phones.

discreet plunger for bathroom

8. Accessible Plunger

This is something you should always have at the ready, company or not, but just in case you need a gentle reminder, here it is. Similar to the feeling of running out of toilet paper, don’t force Aunt Babs to come out of the bathroom to shyly ask where you store the plunger. Opt for a more discreet design rather than standard options so it’s less of an eye sore.

eucalyptus for shower

9. Fresh Greenery

Placing a bundle of greenery in a stone or glass vase is an easy and sophisticated way to pull together a bathroom. A variety that won’t quickly wilt, like eucalyptus, will deliver luxe spa-vibes when it mixes with shower steam and gives off a fresh, relaxing aroma.


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