5 Ways to Recover After Deep Cleaning Your House (Because All That Bending Down is No Joke)

All of the lifting, bending, crouching and leaning that occurs while deep cleaning your home can do a serious number on your body. Having posture that bad for that long and using muscles in ways they’re not used to is a recipe for some serious mental and physical stress. Which, frankly, sucks, because you just whipped your house into shape and you’d really like to enjoy it. Well, you’re definitely not alone, and you’re definitely not out of hope. Follow these five steps below to get the most out of your deep clean by taking good care of yourself, too.

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1. Take A Magnesium Salt Bath

Magnesium is an important mineral naturally created by the body. And similar to Epsom salts, magnesium flakes such as these are incredibly effective at releasing sore muscles when applied topically. The best way to soak in its benefits? In the tub, of course. The next time you go a little overboard with the deep cleaning, reward yourself with a little at-home spa treatment to wind down, soothe any stress and get those aching muscles in check (it’s a trick athletes use when they’ve worked themselves hard). And if you want to grab a good book, hang a “do not enter” sign on the door and pour a glass of wine to sweeten the deal, well, that’s your business.

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2. Plug In A Lavender Scent

Two things here: First, a satisfying aroma is the cherry on top of any good deep clean. We all know your house isn’t truly “done” until your signature scent is wafting through. Second, that scent should be something calming that helps you transition from a frazzled state of dusting and disinfecting to one of peace and happiness over a job well done. We like Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil in Tranquil Lavender & Aloe® for an authentic and comforting fragrance to help you wind down and relax into your freshly spruced home. Simply insert the refill into the warmer, pop in into the outlet, twist the dial to your liking and try out step three below.

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3. Do A Few Minutes Of Breathwork

If you’re not caught up, breathwork refers to any type of breathing exercise or technique used for therapeutic benefits. It’s a very intentional practice where you breathe in a certain pattern with the goal of improving mental, physical or spiritual wellbeing. It doesn’t have to be a long endeavor and you can certainly do it anywhere. But it’s an excellent way to calm down after any hectic activity that’s left you feeling stressed (ever vacuumed a room only to have your kids grind cheerios into the rug three seconds later?). If you’re not sure where to start, try Square Breathing and you can even use this moment of mindfulness to identify places on your body that need a little extra love. Which brings us to step four…

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4. Rub On Cbd Cream

Now that you’ve breathed through your body and centered your mind, a little fast-acting cream is the way to go. This CBD Cool Stick from Wildflower conveniently relieves joint, muscle and back pain without any psychoactives and leaves behind a cool, soothing feel thanks to the menthol ingredient. Apply it anywhere you feel pain and let the balm work its magic.

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5. Strengthen Those Cleaning Muscles For Next Time

The next morning when you’re feeling better, start doing some short exercises—just twenty minutes in the morning—to increase muscle tone and strengthen target areas overall. Think yoga, swimmers and pulling apart resistance bands. Oh, and don’t ever forget to stretch.

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