Those Stunning Appliances You Spotted on Instagram? Here’s How to Get the Look

You may spend a third of your life sleeping, but has anyone considered how much time you spend in your kitchen? Cooking, doing dishes, staring aimlessly at the open fridge, trying to decide what to snack on next—not to mention that it’s a place everyone invariably ends up whenever you invite people over. So, it’s only natural to want to keep it looking up-to-date, and preferably without spending a small fortune on renovations. That’s when we turn to our favorite source of inspiration—Instagram.

And what did we find this time? Café appliances have the home-design crowd swooning. In case you’re new around here, Café is a line of ultra-chic countertop and major appliances. The collections come with beautiful, trend-forward finishes and hardware that you can customize to reflect your style, and can make any kitchen look like a million bucks with nary a contractor in sight. Here are three kitchens we spotted and how to get the same look.

cafe appliances test
Samantha Klein

Complement a Colorful Kitchen

with Matte White Appliances

While the recession ushered in a season of all-white kitchens, the pendulum continues to swing in the opposite direction, with people now favoring more saturated hues. Samantha Klein definitely falls into this category—in fact, she’s always been in this category. Her pastel, vintage-inspired bungalow is full of bold choices. She could have easily added more with her appliances, but she chose Café major and countertop appliances in matte white with brushed copper hardware because of how perfectly they paired with her wallpaper and decor. They fit in so well, they look like they came with the place.

katie cafe appliances
Katie Gomes

Create a Coffee Bar

As a newly minted mom of two, Katie Gomes knows the power of creating systems and a good cup of coffee. “Our coffee bar is quickly becoming one of my most used spots in the kitchen thanks to @cafeappliances!” she says. “The matte white espresso machine and drip coffee maker perfectly complement our range and refrigerator, completing our kitchen look.”

denise cafe appliances
Denise Vasi

Inject Your Personality

With Matte Black Appliances

No need to tuck them away—these Café appliances complement any space so you’ll actually want to look at them. Denise Vasi confirms, “Too beautiful to be hidden, these appliances are meant to shine on your countertop. Luxurious and gorgeous, they instantly add personality and style to your kitchen and you know how I feel about standout kitchen design.”

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